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In children is the preservation of the humanity

In children is the preservation of the humanity


There is nothing in the world more touching than a child’s smile. Children have this capacity to express freely their emotions, capacity that, as a rule and unfortunately, they start to lose when they grow. We can find again this capacity partially, sometimes, with elder people, when serenity takes the place of the tensions and everyday incertitude, lacking thou by the glowing eyes of the children that gives so much charm and innocence... If only this pure light could be kept more on our faces, we certainly would live in a better world.

"In children is the preservation of the humanity" is a paraphrase of the title of an exceptional book published in 1962 by the photographer Elliott Porter with naturalistic photography accompanied by excerpts from the essay “Walking” by Henry David Thoreau.

"Photography is a strong tool, a propaganda device, and a weapon for the defense of the environment...and therefore for the fostering of a healthy human race and even very likely for its survival." —Eliot Porter, 1962


By purchasing a set of 5 Shiramine postcards for 55 euro the package, printed with 5 children portraits of your choice from the gallery In children is the preservation of the humanity, 15 euro will be donated to shelters for children in need led by religious institutions *, whereas the rest of the amount is necessary to produce the postcards.

There are very delicate prints, minutely manufactured on the extraordinary and rare Traditional Japanese Washi paper, and are signed by the artist. Each postcard donated represents also an invitation for the receiver to repeat this experience for the children’s benefit and for a better world.

(*) Please contact us and we can send you the list of every shelter we sponsor so that you can direct the money for donation to the preferred one, or let us to do so, on your behalf.


Send a postcard. Give a smile.