Hyphen gallery

Dedicated to the splendor of Photography



Under the slogan „Dedicated to the splendor of photography”, HyPHen Gallery was set up at the end of 2013, at that time the sole gallery dedicated exclusively to photographic art in Bucharest. The initiative belongs to a local artist, who noticed there are no photography galleries assuming the role of promoting the photographic art on the local art market, as usually happens with every European capital. He has started to create an environment, at first for himself and then dedicated to other artists so that the public can get in touch with the art of photography. His intention is to assemble and to start a mechanism that, on one side, enables the opening of the horizon to the public consuming art towards this art segment, and on the other side, to provide the photographic artists an environment in which they can express in a coherent and organized way, having a specific aim.

Considering the particularities of the local market, special concepts have to be taken into account. Thus the proposed price system specific to HyPHen Gallery named LimitING Editions foster the interest for collection, allowing at the same time a broader access for public, considering the initial reasonable prices, to author works. The concept Art of Photography meets INTERIOR DESIGN as well as the OPEN SERIES concept are opening the possibilities to all art lovers as well as to all beauty lovers to enrich aesthetically the spaces in which they live or work.

Non limited to its local space , HyPHen Gallery wants to become a bridge between the East European artists and the international, consecrated galleries. Exceptional artists can be born everywhere and most likely in a place where, despite historical vicissitudes, gave birth to an artist to the heights of Constantin Brancusi.

HyPHen Gallery is located downtown in Piazzetta Papa Ioan Paul, in an old liberty style villa, next to the superb Cismigiu gardens and not far from the Romanian Athenaeum.